Former Hollyoaks star Emma Rigby swapped into a bright tasseled blue bikini to film scenes for her new British film Plastic in Miami on Wednesday. British actress Emma Rigby is filming a new drama movie called Plastic, she stars alongside Alfie Allen. The stunning 23-year-old actress seems to be more than comfortable flaunting her shape for the cameras.

Emma Rigby, Emma Rigby Blue Bikini

The 23-year-old is seen wearing a tasseled blue bikini and denim shorts as she films scenes with 'Downton Abbey' star Ed Speleers on Miami Beach for their new Plastic Movie. She has been showing off her shape in a series of revealing swimwear looks and on Wednesday Emma Rigby wore not one, but two sizzling looks.

The former Hollyoaks actress donned a red hot bikini before looking beautiful in a blue two-piece and a pair of denim hot pants she showed off her incredible figure in a tiny red bikini earlier in the day as she got to work alongside co-stars Alfie Allen, Ed Speleers, Will Poulter and Sebastian De Souza.

Swapping Hollyoaks for Hollywood, the 23-year-old actress was seen raising her hands to her face and brushing her blonde tresses back in a seductive manner as the cameras rolled. Emma Rigby is filming a scene where she gets man-handled by a gangster on the beach before tussling with Ed. The movie is being filmed in London, Manchester and Miami.

Emma Rigby bright tasseled blue bikini Pics:

Emma Rigby, Emma Rigby Blue Bikini  Emma Rigby, Emma Rigby Blue Bikini  Emma Rigby, Emma Rigby Blue Bikini

Emma Rigby, Emma Rigby Blue Bikini  Emma Rigby, Emma Rigby Blue Bikini  Emma Rigby, Emma Rigby Blue Bikini

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